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Experience 4WD – U Drive


The Nomad Safaris 4WD Experience puts you in the driving seat. Get behind the wheel of one of our signature Land Rover Defenders while our expert instructors teach you essential off-road skills.

Passengers are allowed to join too, adults for $245 kids for $125.


  • Detailed instructions from great guides
  • True off-road experience with river crossings
  • Beautiful scenery on top of Queenstown Hill 

The Nomad Safaris 4WD Experience operates on a purpose-built test track incorporating the natural terrain on Queenstown Hill, before progressing onto the Macetown Road through the Arrow River.

Obstacles and challenges include banked turns, ditches, poles and even a slalom course! Once on the river, our instructor will teach you the best routes and what to look out for. Learn to 4WD like a pro!

This half-day 4WD tour is a unique experience where you can learn truly valuable skills, surrounded by spectacular rugged scenery in the New Zealand high country. An opportunity not to be missed!
Do I have to have driven a manual vehicle before?
Yes, you have to hold a current manual Full drivers licence. All of our vehicles are manual and if you have not driven them before this will impede on your experience.
How long do I get to drive for?
This varies based on your ability and the number of people driving. It can be anywhere between 2-3 hours
Where will I be driving?
You will be off-roading on Queenstown Hill on unpaved roads, rocky terrain, some obstacles and the possibility of river driving, depending on ability
Can I bring someone who can’t/doesn’t want to drive?
Absolutely, we can fit up to 6 people in our vehicles so you could have up to 5 passengers. Passengers prices are $245 for adults and $99 for kids.
Are there any risks?
Although we strive to make the activity as safe and enjoyable as possible it can involve risks that include but are not limited to; rolling or flipping the vehicle due to terrain or inability to operate the vehicle as instructed, hitting obstacles such as rocks or other natural features, injury from moving parts of the vehicle or being caught in a natural hazard event such as an earthquake or landslide.
“Living Our Defender Dream”
My husband and I chose the Self-Drive 4WD experience for an arvo in Queenstown. Our guide Gerard was enthusiastic and a great teacher! He knew we were looking at the Defender market and explored with us the many features unique to the defender. We then went to a great off-road track to learn 4WD skills with the incredible view of Queenstown in the background. It was great to learn some tips as we practised on the 4wd obstacle course. Then onto river crossings .... At least 5 in the one river, each crossing slightly different! The Land Rover Defender handled brilliantly. 5/5 stars for Gerard n his Defender!! We totally recommend him n the self drive module :) – Pippa, Adelaide, Australia
“Land Rover driving experience”
I have gone on the Nomad Safaris driving trip three times in the last two years. I have found the experience of driving the vehicles on the man made course and the Arrow river absolutely exhilarating. The drivers have a huge knowledge of off road driving and this trip is beneficial to every driver who goes on it. If you have ever wondered what it is like to go off road in a 4x4 then the 4WD trip is the one to do. – David S, Wellington
“Land Rover Driving Experience-one life, live it!”
We had a great morning with our expert instructor Tim up on Queenstown Hill and traversing the river en route to Macetown. Tim's knowledge of, and sensitivity towards, the local environment, his expertise with Land Rover Defenders and his enthusiasm and good nature meant that our trip was the highlight of our holiday. In the past, we've participated in Land Rover driving experiences at the factory, Eastnor Castle and elsewhere - but nothing compares to Nomad Safaris! One life, live it! – Sonofther, Wales, United Kingdom


Tour Details


Adult $425   Child $N/A


4.5 hours

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Nomad Safaris – The Professional Adventurers
Nomad Safaris – The Professional Adventurers
Nomad Safaris – The Professional Adventurers
Nomad Safaris – The Professional Adventurers