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Safety and Compliance

Safety and Compliance

Best practice is a method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to any alternatives because it produces results that are superior to those achieved by other means or because it has become a standard way of doing things, e.g., a standard way of complying with legal or ethical requirements.   Or both.

At Nomad Safaris best practice is pursued vigorously with continous assement using both internal and external audits to ensure that legal compliance is just a part of quality control.

Using various external bodies a framework has been built where all new staff, products, procedures have to be carefully evaluated before implementing within the organisation.

The following are the various external tests Nomad Safaris subjects itself to comply and exceed:-

Name of Qualification Authority Frequency Description
QualMark Tourism New Zealand Annual Intense inquiry in to all aspects of organisation.   Policies, procedures and customer feedback.
Adventure Mark New Zealand Government Annual Vigorous testing of safety practices relating to all off road activities.
Enviro Gold Tourism New Zealand Annual Multi level environmental audit.   Highest level, Gold, requires significant conservation initiatives.
Certificate of Fitness Land Transport NZ 6 monthly Every vehicle has detailed mechanical check
Land Concession Department of Conservation Annually Report to the Conservator regarding activity.   Contributes to 5 yearly review for concessions
Resource Consent Queenstown Council Annual monitoring Permissions to operate on public lands
OneMusic copywrite One Music International Annual Play music in shop and Lord of The Rings themes.
Radio Telephone Radio Spectrum Management Annual User Licence
Business Support Group Queenstown Chamber Commerce Annual Training support, bi-annual awards
Business Networking Skål International Annual Discussion forum
Tourism Business Group Tourism Industry Aotearoa Annual Awards, training, lobbying, forum


Nomad Safaris – The Professional Adventurers
Nomad Safaris – The Professional Adventurers
Nomad Safaris – The Professional Adventurers
Nomad Safaris – The Professional Adventurers