Supporting The Distribution Channels

Word of mouth is still credited to be the greatest influence of people’s decision making. Working closely with the local ‘influencers’ our local sales liaison manager spends most of her time visiting the Hotels, Motels, campsites and booking agents. The front line staff of these important booking channels are key to influencing peoples buying decisions. When the client is having a pleasant stay they are highly likely to accept recommendations about other assets within the resort, shopping, spas, restaurants and activities.

Time is the greatest constraint when taking a holiday with many clients organizing busy itineraries prior to arriving in country or in the resort. Making bookings from afar over the internet is not always the preferred choice and the travel agency network in each country is testament to this. To support the knowledge requirement of these distant agents, Nomad Safaris undertakes training programmes around the world. The Tourism New Zealand set of Kiwilink trade events are attended by Hannah in all our target markets. These events are a mix of in country central events and distributed training sessions along with targeted familiarization trips to New Zealand.

Managing the information flows are the traditional Inbound Travel Organisations, described as dinosaurs set to disappear with the internet age. Possibly their role has never been more important given today’s frenetic pace. Both acting as the central information source they are also the point of contact when things go awry. Weather events along with the odd natural occurrence have ensured that awry is new normal for planning. Monthly meetings between Hannah and these links to the world are a large part of the Marketing calendar.

Online has speeded up communication and allowed access between clients and activities like never before. Grace heads up the online digital team covering everything from websites, social media to the instant gratification channels of Instagram and snapchat.  

Behind every great company there are a hidden pool of people ensuring the slick machinery is well oiled. The Accounts team are rarely seen in the sunlight, (because Conor likes night fishing!), without them the purpose of every company is lost. Raising invoices, collecting debts and paying suppliers is less glamourous than riding into the sunset but every bit as important.

Whilst some form of English is now spoken in 50% of the world, many languages are spoken and at Nomad Safaris we cover many. With Yue looking after all Chinese relations, Andre covers the Latin languages of Portuguese and Spanish. Conor covers Gaelic with Ritu looking after Hindi, Ruth has German looked after and Hannah can converse in Japanese, Han and a little Korean.   David is fluent in marketing diatribes, management soundbites and scribble. Alisha describes her first language as American, enough said.

Safaris has a long and proud history working with trade partners around the world. When you have a question, when you need some help, you’ll find everything you need here and maybe you can contact one of our A-Team:


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Yue Gong – International Trade Relations, marketing and advertising.


Andre Lima – Local Sales Liaison, promotions, hosting, familiarisation trips.


Grace Nomad Safaris

Grace Lin – Online marketing, website, reservation system integration, API, social media.

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